Real Estate Report

Real Estate Report is a strategic information report whose objective is to provide an overview of the situation of the new housing real estate market in the main cities of the country. It contains detailed information on the current projects according to their typology and classification, as well as their market indicators. The report is complemented with information on used, valued housing and indicators of urban competitiveness in the main cities, in such a way that it allows a complete reading of the housing market

Its dissemination by city is four-monthly and it analyzes new housing in metropolitan areas, which are selected for their housing dynamics (according to the National Urban System).

The current report is prepared from direct research and verified by big data and our appraisal database. The demographic, population and socioeconomic parameters are based on official sources such asINEGI, CONAVI and CONAPO,as well as references from prestigious public and private research institutions such asAMAI e IMCO.


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