Market studies

A market study is a planning tool to optimize decision making and enhance the success of a project. In real estate, it is part of different phases such as the purchase of land, search for financing, validation of a preliminary project, allocation of better and more profitable uses, marketing and after-sales.

Among the competitive advantages it offers are:

  • Segmentation and geographic location of the target client.
  • Diagnosis of the competitive situation of the project and its products in the market.
  • Recommendation on key commercial parameters (units, areas, prices, amenities).
  • Projection of marketing scenarios.
  • Estimated expected income.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • A better market insertion based on the adjustments made.

We generate certainty scenarios for our clients in the face of approaches such as:

  • Is my draft in the market adequate / competitive? What are the best and most profitable real estate uses for my project?
  • What are the expansion strategies of my company / franchise?
  • What is the potential of a land / buy I do not buy?
  • Where are the best areas to buy land for my franchise / company?

In Tasvalúo, we have a consulting team that develops studies tailored to the needs of each real estate project. Our databases include sociodemographic, urban environment and equipment, municipal regulations, as well as the main real estate projects such as housing, commercial, office, hotel, industrial, lots and macro, among others.


If you require our Consulting and / or Market Research services