1.-What is a valuation unit?

  • It is a company that performs appraisals, which integrates experts, controllers, managers and administrative staff in charge of complying with applicable valuation standards.
  • The Valuation Units are in charge at the national level of appraising or placing a “price” value on a good.
  • In Mexico there are approximately 105 Valuation Units.
  • The Valuation Units are subject to strict ethical and regulatory standards and codes, they are autonomous entities regulated by the Federal Mortgage Society, they must be impartial and free of pressure to establish a value.

2.-In which sectors do we specialize?

  • Residential Real Estate Specialty
  • Commercial Real Estate Specialty
  • Industrial Real Estate Specialty.
  • Hotel Specialty
  • Agricultural Specialty
  • Industry Specialty

3.- What Assets do we value?

    Residential Real Estate:

  • Detached house (Room House).
  • Condominium housing.
  • Housing apartment.
  • Apartment building.
  • Horizontal housing complex.
  • Land for residential use.
  • Covered and uncovered parking space.
  • Among others.
    Commercial Real Estate:

  • Commercial premises.
  • Shopping center.
  • Detached office and/or office building.
  • Land for commercial use and/or offices.
  • Hospital.
  • School.
  • Car dealership.
  • Parking building.
  • Hotels.
  • Golf course, among others.
    Industrial Real Estate:

  • Winery
  • Industrial building
  • Industrial park
  • Land with industrial use

  • Rustic rangeland and temporary property (with or without constructions and/or facilities).
  • Rustic farm with irrigation and fruit trees (with or without buildings and/or facilities).
  • Rustic properties in transition (with or without buildings).
  • Livestock Assets.
  • Aquaculture Goods.
  • Semovientes.
  • Agroindustrial Goods.

  • Machinery and Equipment and Industrial
  • Isolated machinery and equipment.
  • Office furniture and equipment.
  • Industrial Units (property, machinery and equipment).
  • Motor vehicle and fleets.
  • Trucks and Tractors.
  • Construction Machinery.
    Other industrial.

  • Aircraft.
  • Ship and Naval Artifacts.
  • Artwork.
  • Jewelry

4.-For which sectors is a technical opinion prepared?

  • Real Estate
  • Agricultural
  • Agriculture and Fruit Growing
  • Livestock
  • Aquaculture and fisheries
  • Forestry and forestry

5.-Special services and appraisals?

  • Commercial Appraisal
  • Fiscal or Cadastral Appraisal
  • Bank appraisal (credit).
  • Mortgage appraisal (guaranteed credit).
  • I appraise for insurance.
  • Appraisal for expropriation
  • Appraisal for income determination
  • Estimated Value Per Position (EVP).
  • Advance Project Valuation (VAP, VPA or VTA).
  • Proforma Real Estate Appraisal.
  • Real Estate Technical Report.
  • Investment Verification.

6.-What is field research?

  • It is the stage in which all those elements that add or subtract value to the property must be observed, investigated and analyzed.
  • Special attention should be paid to the urban characteristics and surroundings of the property.

7.-Types of valuation approaches:

  • Market approach (Comparative Market Value).
  • Physical Focus (Physical or Direct Value).
  • Rental Capitalization Approach (Rental Capitalization Value).

8.-Do you already know the International Valuation Standards (NIV)?

  • SHF Appraisal
  • They are intended to estimate the value of a property in order to apply for a mortgage loan, they are also known as appraisals for “Credit origination”.
  • Bank Appraisal
  • Agricultural, Real Estate, Machinery and Equipment.
  • Given the need to have services of a high ethical and technical level, which ensure the quality and reliability of appraisals in Protection of the interests of users, credit institutions require the preparation of services according to the structure established in the circulars published by the CNBV, where procedures and methodologies to be used in appraisals are also described.< /li>
  • Fiscal or Cadastral Appraisal
  • They are appraisals that serve as the basis for calculating taxes such as: Real Estate Acquisition Taxes (ISAI), Tax or Property regularization, Inheritance regularization, Payment of property rights.