About Us

TASACIONES and AVALUOS SAPI de CV, is a Mexican in which TECNITASA and PROMECAP have ownership interests.

TECNITASA is the holding company of the third Spanish corporate group dedicated to real estate valuation and other services related to the finance and real estate sector. It has more than 30 years of experience.

PROMECAP is one of the leading investment firms in Mexico with more than USD2 billion in management, with a presence in multiple sectors, but with significant experience in the real estate and finance sector.

TASVALÚO is a Mexican unit of appraisals with registration number SHF 09067, a member of ANUVAC and in the process of becoming a member of AUVBM. Created in 2010, its most relevant milestone takes place in August 2016 with the integration of Bancomer’s two appraisal units (BBVA Bancomer SA and Hipotecaria Nacional SA de CV) into its structure, positioning it as the absolute leader in the sector.