Monitoring, control of work and feasibility opinions

construction control

and feasibility reports

We offer our clients, with the maximum guarantees of rigor and professionalism, the consulting and management services necessary to achieve the success of their project real estate.


Analysis and previous exhaustive control of the factors that, from a technical point of view, must be taken into account so that the decisions adopted, Before any investment, be the most appropriate.


In the event of incidents or questions of a technical or financial nature, the main aspects related to costs, execution of work, as well as expenses or procedures are clarified administrative.


1. Actions prior to development:

  • Technical feasibility opinion (DT)
  • Initial Development Analysis Report (IDA)

2. Monitoring and control actions on development:

  • Study of Progress and Cost (EAC)
  • Work Progress Report (IAO)
  • Project Monitoring (payment control)
  • Project Management (total development monitoring)

3. Other reports:

  • Budget Analysis (PA)
  • Foreclosed Sales Value (VVA)
  • Customizations according to needs

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