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In a constantly changing business world, our experience goes beyond the numbers, we provide a comprehensive and specialized approach for different sectors and asset types. Whether for transactions, insurance, investments or financial reports, Tasvalúo provides different types of special appraisals to make informed decisions.

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We help you to know the value of your company and make strategic decisions with reliable information, whether to expand your hotel, access to a credit, merge or acquire a new property, control fixed assets, or comply with requirements accounting or financial.

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Insurance policies

Ensure the integrity and real value of your assets with an accurate valuation for your insurance policies. These appraisals allow you to estimate the value for calculating the insurable amount, either for the replacement or recovery of your assets, guaranteeing that your insurance policy reflects the appropriate value of the assets.

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Brands and patents

We determine the market value of your brand and the intangible intellectual property assets you have. Know the value of your brand or intangible according to the income it generates, with the market for similar brands or intangibles or according to the asset approach.

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Going business

We determine the value of the business in operation, considering all technical and economic aspects, including existing assets, contracts and agreements, liabilities, trademarks and trade names, related technology and patents.

Tasvalúo provides the necessary information to have a clear and concise idea about the financial situation of the business and the value of the share capital, which allows us to measure the profitability and liquidity of our clients.

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Jewelry and works of art

Know the real value of your artistic heritage. We value any type of jewelry, precious stones, paintings, sculptures, paintings and more.

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